TYPE: Basic and Execution Project.

Work management


YEAR: 2020


This integral reform project has been carried out on the 9th floor of a unique building in los Remedios district, Seville. “Las Equis” building was design by the architect Ricardo Espiau Suárez de la Viesca.

Having the façade protected, the dwelling has a singular geometry in which some curves appear that allow good lighting and ventilation to be introduced into all the rooms.

The owners, a young couple with 2 children, wanted a very practical and functional home, but performing a different and original project.

During the project process the uniqueness of the building was taken into account and curves assumed a substantial role in the whole design:

A curved wall was designed in the entrance hall that leads the visitor in a sinuous way towards the living room, achieving a certain fluidity in the transit between the exterior and interior of the house.

In addition, most of the openings and joinery also feature the curve as a design element that gives harmony and coherence to the whole, avoiding the rigidity of the straight line.

The project tried to respond to all the needs of the owners. Noble materials were used with a contemporary sensibility, creating an integrated and suggestive final ensemble.